Nano Products


   Silver Nano is the microscopic particles of pure silver metal. The particle size of nano silver is smaller than 100 nanometers (or 1 million times smaller than a tennis ball) .The hallmark of silver nanoparticles is its ability to eliminate and inhibit the spread of pathogens, especially bacteria that cause odor and disease. Rely on Nowadays, many manufacturers are using silver's elimination and antiseptic properties to enhance their products

     Gold Nano A gold crystal that is 99.99% pure gold (24K) produced with Sustainable Green Nanotechnology process. Which is the intellectual property of the research team No one has produced the same pure gold crystal. Both at home and abroad There is a disc shape, round, hexagonal, triangular, crest. Or other polygons 1-50 μm in size, 50-80 nm Can be dispersed in water Or in the form of dry powder that does not form clumps (Aggregation) has a smooth surface, so there is a clear luster of gold metal. And sparkle when dispersed in a transparent medium without contamination of other chemicals. Tested to have a very low chance of causing skin irritation such as water, oil or clear liquid makeup.